How the Colmar ski suit was born

The book Sport in style published by Rizzoli traces the history of the garment that made the brand’s fortune.


Before it became one of the symbols of the sporty, the ski suit was the exclusive prerogative of the athletes. For Colmar, the winter sports uniforms were the kick-off of its success: the first sponsorship with the Italian Winter Sports Federation, destined to last until 1992, bears the date 1948, while still today the brand is among the protagonists of the last World Championships, where it dressed among others Alexis Pinturault.

Courtesy Rizzoli

In the midst of a success story, which the brand brings to life with the book entitled Sport in Style, just arrived in the bookstore. Leafing through the 208 pages of the volume you will discover the extraordinary story of Mario Colombo, who in 1923, writing the first three letters of his surname and first name on a packet of cigarettes, gave birth to Colmar.


Alberto Tomba (also at the beginning)

Getty ImagesMarc Francotte

The 180 shots published are used to enter the archives of the brand and to discover that initially the main activity of the company was to produce gaiters and hats for men. A unique opportunity to follow the evolution of the Colmar brand and to discover how much sport has contaminated fashion. In the book, past and present dialogue, page after page, between multicoloured fantasies and hi-tech materials, revealing continuous contamination and recurrence.










































































































































































































































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