How to take care of your hair in 5 steps

Products from shampoo to mask to use to make them strong and prevent them from falling.


Man’s hair care is a mysterious matter: 80% of men are obsessed with hair loss, but few do anything concrete to keep it. Strange, isn’t it? You need to treat and comb your hair properly to keep it in shape and if this may seem easier to say than to do here are 5 tips for hair care, with the most suitable products to use.

Use a delicate and natural shampoo

The best shampoo for men’s hair contains natural ingredients that gently cleanse the hair and scalp. Avoid shampoos with overly chemical compositions and choose one that has nutritious ingredients such as vitamin E that strengthen the hair and enhance its thickness. Like Restivoil’s.

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Guess the right frequency to wash your hair

The habit is to use shampoo every day. Why not focus on less invasive products, which should be used less frequently? A good rule of thumb can be to alternate shampoo with a 100% natural solid hair soap, such as Lush soap based on seaweed, sea salt and lemon that gives your hair volume and radiance.

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Use a professional balm, like that of Franck Provost

Shampooing alone is not good for some hair types. In the case of medium-long cuts a hair conditioner will make you get better results. The conditioner is different from the shampoo: it nourishes the hair and scalp and leaves the hair hydrated and strong. For long-lasting results, use it about three times a week.

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Apply a hair mask regularly

If you’ve never heard of it, you’re not taking enough care of your hair. On the market there are masks for every need: reinforcing, volumizing and so on. Take a break twice a month and before the usual shampoo apply the mask of your choice, your hair will thank you.

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Use natural styling products

Hair gels may contain aggressive chemicals that damage the hair when dried. To avoid unpleasant drawbacks, it is best to opt for a natural styling product, such as an ointment or wax, which gives a natural body effect without hardening the hair.

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