8 clothes to wear on New Year’s Eve

The look of New Year’s Eve is important to many. Here’s what the men’s fashion of 2018 suggests.

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It’s true, for many the look of the New Year is not different from Christmas, or any other one you can adopt in winter, but there are those who like to do things big, and one day it could happen to anyone to spend a night New Year’s Eve movie, tuxedo, bow tie and all the rest. For once, it could be interesting to prefer the suit to the classic sweater, however cool, dedicated to the season. In this case, and not to get caught unprepared if an important invitation should arrive, here’s what you could wear, as suggested by the men’s fashion of 2018.

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1 – Total black smoking: the most elegant look for New Year

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Let’s start with the tuxedo, which now has more declensions of sweaters. The most elegant suit there is, from cocktail and gala, lately like in its total black version, perhaps because it is more innovative while remaining reassuring. For all those who are tired of the black tie in a white shirt but would never put anything different from black.

2 – Classic tuxedo with bow tie

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The classic of the classics, which like George Clooney never sets. The black tuxedo with white shirt requires shiny patent leather shoes and a bow tie (no pre-packaged flakes, prescribe the strict masters of taste). To complete it all, cufflinks on the wrists, which must be the only jewel you wear on New Year’s Eve.

3 – Total white smoking, not for everyone but without fail

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To be comfortable with a total white tuxedo you do not have to be tall, young and thin, but it helps. For this reason the choice of Timothée Chalamet is not for everyone, but for those who can afford it, it works all right. The shoes must be strictly black, though.

4 – Tartan suit, for eccentric traditionalists

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A tartan suit is eccentric, it’s true, but among all the bizarre things, is not it the most traditional? It has existed for centuries by the Scottish clans, then the English gentlemen, then the punks, then all the others, including women. Now the check prints, tartan on the head, cover everything, even the elegant clothes. Better not to choose the tartan turned red, perhaps, not to overdo it. Alternatively, there is always the Prince of Wales.

5 – Dark elegant suit, with shirt and tie

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No smoking for the majority, and that’s right. It happens to a few to be invited to Jay Gatsby’s New Year’s party. But maybe you do not want to give up the elegant dress, and then here is Colin Firth with a dark suit, white shirt and tie matching the dress. To blend in more than to get noticed.

6 – Colored smoking, the most risky

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If instead your New Year’s Eve is just an exaggerated Gatsby style party, perhaps it is appropriate to wear a more particular tuxedo. Like a burgundy red, dark enough to remain elegant but definitely different from the “boring” respectability of classic tuxedos. If the Night of the Oscars 2018 showed us something, it is that the 2018 tuxedo can be of any color you want.

7 – Velvet dress, for Jeff Goldblum and a few others

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From the Oscar 2018 we also learned that velvet is the favorite fabric for the tuxedos of the year. Red velvet, gold, green, or light blue like the one worn by this year’s best dressed man, Jeff Goldblum. Of course, he can afford everything, but maybe we too. In any case, do not do like him, choose an innocuous white shirt and dark shoes.

8 – Dress and T-shirt, few frills and democratic fashion

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Or you can not care about everything, tuxedos, bow ties and velvets and wear a simple outfit paired with a sweater. The combo dress and turtleneck sweater is very popular for the winter of 2018-2019, so it is worth to rely on that.
































































































































































































































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