What is the use of a denim jacket in the middle of winter

To create a layered look, so you can prefer an elegant coat to the quilt.


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Seasonal changes are not what they used to be, since spring and autumn garments are also put back into play in autumn and winter layers. This is the case of the denim jacket, which becomes a sort of shirt substitute for the winter of 2019.

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The denim jacket for the layered looks of winter 2019

In fact, it’s better than a flannel shirt, especially when paired with a turtleneck sweater. Already in the autumn just past, many men have withdrawn the denim jacket out of the closet to make it the highlight of their outfits. In winter, things do not change: just find the right outerwear and it’s done.

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But the denim jacket does not just need to create a casual but original layering. It also gives the possibility to avoid the quilt, which many do not like, to choose a more elegant and less padded coat.

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After all, the effect of a coat of camel, or tartan, combined with a light blue denim jacket, a pair of wool trousers, a turtleneck and ankle boots is certainly more interesting than stuffing into a maxi down jacket that leaves little room for ‘imagination.

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