Here is the hairstyle to have at the beginning of the new year

More than a short cut, a clean cut.

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The most imitated haircut of winter 2019 is that of Brad Pitt, who recently showed a hair of the 90s, he who still can, that reminded that of the broker of Wall Street between the 80s and 90s. No gel However, because the years of Gordon Gekko in the film Wall Street are over, but wax to give volume to the hair.

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The haircut in contrast with the winter 2019

For all the others, those with few hairs and those who hate the cuts of medium to too fluffy hair, there is an illustrious suggestion. That of Armie Hammer, who gave a clean cut showing how to make a short cut. Very short.

Despite the cold weather, we would like to suggest this option for the start of the new year. A short cut gives vigor to damaged and dehydrated hair, and helps to better cure the scalp, which in winter tends to dry and cause discomfort.

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The buzz cut, short hair to the military, is an evergreen that does not care about seasons and trends, which is good for almost everyone.































































































































































































































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