The best of fashion 2018 in 10 photos

Surprising style icons, very guessed or very wrong looks, cult sneakers and a shirt that has obsessed everyone.

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It is not easy to summarize a year of fashion in 10 photos, with that succession of seasonal shows, brand news, lives and armchairs, but also media events such as films with attached red carpet, public marriages, actors, musicians and sportsmen hired by fashion houses as testimonials and the small, big delusions recorded by the trends of 2018. We try anyway, with the best of fashion this year summarized in just 10 images.

1 – The shocked show of Gucci with the severed heads

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For the men’s and women’s fall / winter 2018 2019 fashion show, Gucci gave himself to science fiction by sending models with horror accessories on the catwalk. These were replicas of their heads, the most talked and admired exit of this year’s fashion.

2 – The red carpet in total black (for a good cause)

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2018 was the year of the #MeToo, which shocked above all the American showbusiness. In addition to the fall from grace of Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and many others, there was also some position on the red carpet, like that of the Golden Globes. Many actors presented themselves dressed in total black, like all the actresses, or with the Time’s Up pin, one of the movements to raise awareness about the harassment at work that carried out the #MeToo campaign.

3 – The new Dior menswear course …

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Dior changes strategy and after the departure of Kris Van Assche to the creative direction here is Kim Jones (2018 was a year of seats in fashion like never before, see also below). The novelty is that the menswear Dior abandons the indie and raving suggestions to give itself to the delicacy, with softer and feminine looks, very appreciated by the critics. For sales we’ll see, the collection is spring summer 2019.

4 – … and the revolution by Louis Vuitton

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Virgil Abloh picks up Louis Vuitton menswear after Kim Jones’s farewell goes to Dior (back above). The result is excellent, with a very admired and highly anticipated spring summer 2019 in stores. But in general 2018 was the year of Abloh, who practically occupied the market with excellent collaborations (such as Ikea), participation in art exhibitions with Murakami and interventions here and there, including music. A handyman who excites but also attracts a lot of criticism.

5 – David Beckham perfect at the wedding of Prince Harry

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2018 was the year of the wedding of Prince Harry and of those of Jon Snow (which we will have to start calling with his first name, Kit Harington). At the royal wedding the most elegant, photographed and watched was not Harry, let alone his brother William, but the excellent guest David Beckham, who showed everyone how to dress up for a wedding.

6 – But the best dressed man of 2018 is him

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Jeff Goldblum was the man who dressed better in 2018, surprised everyone by regaining the limelight with the looks and gave some hope to the over 50 men who think they have to fall back only on cardigans and checked shirts. Goldblum has literally launched the trends and fashion obsessions of the year, like this courageous and exaggerated Prada shirt, mania of summer 2018 and of the following autumn.

7 – Asap Rocky made us laugh (but maybe he was serious)

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One of the best dressed rappers in the world has made us waver when he showed up dressed in total Gucci look with a handkerchief on his head, a little ‘granny Russian around to shop. Maybe he was joking, maybe it was serious, maybe it was so cool that we did not even understand it, the fact is that we did not feel like inserting Asap Rocky among the best dressed men of 2018.

8 – The new Uniqlo course (and Roger Federer)

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Roger Federer at Wimbledon 2018 made everyone chat from the stands for his new look. The ordinance uniform was no longer Nike, but Uniqlo. A costly move for the Japanese brand of basic fashion, but essential to re-launch in the medium-high level market. Waiting for 2019 to be Uniqlo’s year in Italy.

9 – The fight of the 2018 sneakers to become a cult

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The sneaker craze has also been unleashed in 2018, and the fight on a parity has been substantially between Balenciaga and Adidas. The choice of excellent sneakers was vast, vast, but the hard struggle between the Track Balenciaga and the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “White”, the result of the partnership between Kanye West and Adidas, perhaps the latter has won. Although the best-selling sneaker from 2018 is another.

10 – The first time of Queen Elizabeth at a fashion show

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The Queen was present at the London fashion week of February 2018 to deliver prizes, but the images of her attending the parade of Richard Quinn together with Anna Wintour have been around the world.































































































































































































































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