The Danish watch brands to know now

Clean and simple Scandinavian design inspired by Japanese zen, and a passion for round dials.

Courtesy Obaku

If the furniture speaks Swedish, the watchmaking share of the Scandinavian countries has been firmly occupied by Denmark for about 20 years. The Danish proposal in terms of hands is closely linked to products with a well-defined and linear design and, if we want, iconic and unmistakable. The stylistic codes are based mainly on two unshakable cornerstones: the boxes must be round, the dials clean and without baroque mechanisms to simply mark hours, minutes and seconds.

Courtesy Skagen

Among the Danish watch brands, the most famous and award-winning is undoubtedly Skagen, founded in 1989 by Henrik and Charlotte Jorst with the aim of bringing Danish design to the world. The Jorst in 1991 presented their first collection in New York. The success is immediate, with the watches sold out in just a few days, and the rest is history: including the acquisition of the brand by the watchmaker Fossil Group in 2012.

Courtesy Obaku

Obaku, a company with a more recent history, that despite the tradition of Danish design, has, right from the name, an inspiration connected to the Zen world of meditation and nature, following a philosophy that leads to the creation of products that in the their essentiality transmit calm and balance.

The name Obaku, in fact, is that of one of the three Zen schools present today in Japan, born from the teachings of the monk Lìnjì lived between 1500 and 600. Essential, but absolutely recognizable and very successful all over the world.































































































































































































































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