The coat according to Blauer: American classic, but sustainable

We met Enzo Fusco, president of FGF Industry, who is preparing to conquer the Far East markets.

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A brand expression of American workwear, born in Boston in 1936 to provide technical garments to the police and the navy, today it renews the concept of uniform respecting its heritage. Blauer USA offers garments designed to dress independent, cosmopolitan and sensitive to quality, authenticity and the search for high-quality and performing materials. To the upcoming Pitti Uomo 95 for the autumn winter 2019 2020, Blauer USA presents a collection that renews the link between the brand and its origins, linked to the uniforms of the American law enforcement agencies.

Courtesy Blauer

Outerwear in different lengths from the police imprint, in waterproof taslan light, resume the characteristics of the original models – pockets, fleece details and classic fit – for urban use. Among the must haves there is the parka, inspired by the transantarctic expeditions, which has a sporty look thanks to reflective details, contrasting Taslan reinforcements, oversized front pockets. The use of the taslan for other pieces of the collection as an insert element in combination with the blackwatch patterned wool gives these models a street and winter look.


Enzo Fusco

Courtesy Blauer

Finally, leather jackets are always present, in which new treatments are always experimented. The city line includes lambskin and sheepskin hand-treated garments, waxed or vintage-looking, for an authentic look with a strong personality. We met Enzo Fusco, designer-entrepreneur, president of FGF Industry, to let us tell the development of the brand.

How do you manage to renew the idea of workwear, keeping your DNA?

I have always been attentive to America, especially as regards the military side. The uniforms have always attracted me and I have several leaders taken around the world. This was a bit of a departure for the Blauer brand. We started with the DNA of the police, then there was an evolution and however we try to be as American as possible, also producing in Europe, but maintaining a US image. We are very careful and try to do the best by keeping our image. Making different articles is not easy, but it is also a bit ‘our luck especially in summer, when the jungle is bought less we can still sell the polo shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts or pants and not all brands are successful , many are too tied to the outerwear.

What will be the news that you will present at Pitti Uomo?

For us, one of the novelties is the feather. The quilt is like jeans, it never goes out of fashion. It is also too comfortable and practical to be replaced. If a man does not wear a beautiful cashmere coat he is obliged to wear a quilt, at most a parka. What we give continuity is this recycled feather that allows us to be as sustainable as possible, even the nylon is recycled from the plastic, which then melted is spun. We have inserted a quality synthetic feather, breathable, which manages to maintain a certain body temperature. We try to give quality, keeping an affordable price. The company is Italian and the recycling process works like this: take the quilts blankets, open them, retrieve the feather, disinfect it and put it on sale, but in doing so, we are able to keep ourselves respectful of the environment. However, we do not neglect the parka world, which allows us to express ourselves well, we have developed new materials. In addition to our usual taslan, which is a waterproof fabric, we made neoprene garments that are working very well. We have also transferred it to the feather world with excellent results, because you have a technical but at the same time fashion garment. And then we have the skin, where we are growing. The novelties are also transferred in this sector with new leather treatments, the new ecological, recycled feather, neoprene, a technical fabric for urban life.

Courtesy Blauer

So are your best sellers the duvets?

Unfortunately, and luckily yes, I thought the trend changed a bit, but each season they sell more.

And in clothing, what are the most requested items?

We have noticed that there is an interesting market share in knitwear, a sector where there is still space to develop new products. Then certainly sweatshirt, which is now purchased by customers of all ages, and is a true passepartout.

How are man’s tastes evolving?

We are lucky because we wear the twenty-year-old, but also the forty, the man in a jacket and tie from Monday to Friday, who then puts on jeans and a jacket on Saturday and Sunday. For sure today the way of dressing has changed a lot. The man is spending a little more than once and nowadays the trend follows.

Courtesy Blauer

What are the plans for the future?

We want to start from January with a distribution in America, China and Korea, where we are not yet present. We have just started in Japan, where in spring we will open the first monobrand store. We do not have a retail project because otherwise we should have a fund entered, but we prefer to move forward with our strength and with longer timescales. We plan to start already in January with American and Canadian markets. Blauer is from Boston and we are thinking of opening a monobrand right there, an ambitious project that would represent a big step forward for our image.































































































































































































































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