Villa Honegg, meaning “stairs to heaven”

Could I stay there forever? Definitely! Hotel Villa Honegg is located in the heart of Switzerland at an altitude of 914 m.n.p.m on Mount Bürgenstock, just 25 minutes by car from Lucerne. Trust me, when you see the view from this hotel, you will never want to leave. Being there for only two nights, we were very lucky, because in one day we had a real winter, while in the second beautiful autumn weather. We could not get better. It is worth noting that the hotel is housed in a beautiful villa from the 20th century and was renovated in 2011.



This boutique hotel offers 23 apartments, each with a balcony and an amazing panoramic view of the Alps. The rooms are designed by famous Swiss designers and made of really expensive and exclusive materials.


Definitely a favorite place in the hotel of all guests. The outdoor swimming pool, which is breathtaking, is heated all year round, so even if you have several meters of snow next to each other, you can swim and enjoy the winter weather. Together with Antonia we sat there for hours, unable to enjoy the view. The hotel also offers massages, a sauna, a steam bath and a small gym.


It’s hard to describe how good the food was there! In the stylishly decorated restaurant dishes are served in a unique way. You can eat them both inside and on the terrace with … once again I will write – with a beautiful view of the alp panorama and the lake. I will not write about the food itself, I will sum it up in one sentence. The restaurant has been awarded 14 Gault Millau points, which speaks for itself.

Private cinema


After a day of traveling, you can take advantage of a private cinema with 20 comfortable leather armchairs and a large screen in HD quality.

Although we spent only two nights there and the trip by car lasted 14h one way, we do not even regret in the slightest. What we saw there, no one will take away from us, and no picture will give this view. If you ever wondered if it’s worth going there, I want to answer you here … do not hesitate to think about it for a second, pack in a bag, take the nearest person and drive. Just a car!

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