The Star Wars parka is the collector’s item to have absolutely in your wardrobe

Columbia draws a quilt that faithfully reproduces the one worn by the cast and crew of The Empire Strikes Back.

Courtesy Columbia

It is not a Star Wars gadget like action figures and plastic laser swords, it is a real parka of excellent workmanship and quality produced by Columbia, one of the best brands when it comes to outerwear: it is the quilt that faithfully reproduces the one worn by cast and troupe during the filming of The Empire Strikes Back, second episode of the most beloved and collected saga of all time.


The set of The Empire Strikes Back

Courtesy Columbia

At the time, it was 1979, George Lucas and associates were on set in the wild and sub-zero nature of Norway, on the Hardangerjøkulen glacier, to simulate the icy planet Hoth where the Rebel Alliance took refuge by Luke and Leila. Lucas’ production company had decided to offer the entire crew and cast a self-produced electric blue parka, to wear during breaks or for the duration of the shoot.


Of the Star Wars saga, you know, you can mythize everything, even a boss who in fact has never appeared in the film, but was part of the behind the scenes. Just this should trigger the best collectors, those who are not satisfied with the merchandising offered to everyone but go hunting for the rarity, the gem that has (almost) no one.

Columbia thought about it, faithfully reproducing that parka for the winter of 2019, in time also for Christmas, since it is available from December 7th online and in the brand’s flagship stores. 30 of these parka will also be personalized with Skywalker’s signature, Mark Hamill, but will only be found in American stores. For those who are in Italy there is always the online shop, the fastest way to buy it since it is limited edition.


A detail of the parka

Courtesy Columbia

Here it is in the details: electric blue with bright orange inserts, four pockets and hood with fur, is in all respects identical to the original, which at the time had not been put on the market. But there are additions and details designed for us, fans of today and forever, such as the patch on the chest with the helmet of Darth Vader or the one with the coordinates of the Norwegian glacier, up to the customizable plate with your name, to be placed on the chest.


George Lucas’s crew on set

Courtesy Columbia

The Columbia parka is waterproof, equipped with advanced technology to isolate the body and retain heat, but like any really good duvet it’s not exactly cheap. 500 euros, however, are not many, to win an excellent coat that is also a unique memorabilia in the world. If you are a true Star Wars fan, and a passionate collector, the price is not even a matter of discussion.




























































































































































































































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