The shirts of this winter seem almost summer

Fancy men’s shirts and lively prints for winter 2019, to combine with balance to avoid slips.

Courtesy Giorgio Armani

Classic, casual or more appropriately elegant, the shirt models for the winter of 2019 all have one thing in common: they seem summery, especially for patterns, floral prints that turn darker colors to suit the season, but that you can wear from here to the next heat. The winter shirts are strong and brave as those of autumn 2018, which already indicated the tendency to stand out instead of serving a winter outfit with discretion. Here are the winter men’s shirts for winter 2019 that you’ll want to wear straight away, and some suggestions on how to combine more difficult garments than usual.

Courtesy Burberry

Burberry shirt with a mix of stripes and prints

Courtesy Burberry

Burberry offers a classic shirt model, with an Italian collar and regular sleeves, perfect to wear even with an essential jacket. It would not hurt a tie, but since the imagination, a mix of thin vertical lines and a red print that imitates the pen strokes on an ideal notebook, better to choose one in solid color, or something that recalls the red of the shirt. Like a discrete tartan.

Zara shirt with floral print

Courtesy Zara

Even the mid-range brands such as Zara offer classic shirts, in this case the Oxford, with prints and patterns usually spring or summer. For the winter of 2019 the floral turn seems to have arrived, slightly “romantic gothic”, since the shades and the backgrounds become rather dark. A similar shirt can be combined with a full burgundy, the most interesting color of the autumn winter 2018 2019 trends.

Plaid Armani shirt with a stand-up collar

Courtesy Giorgio Armani

More than on patterns and prints, Armani focuses on experimentation. His flagship shirt for winter 2019 is checked with black and gray, but the most interesting thing is the cut. It looks like a blouson, a jacket, with a drawstring at the waist and a slightly higher collar than the usual one. This jacquard shirt with two pockets is the highlight of any look, and does not need much more. A simple woolen trousers will suffice.

Versace fancy shirt, winter 2019 is like full summer

Courtesy Versace

Although for the autumn winter 2018 2019 Versace has focused a lot on the tartan and in general the plaid prints, we have chosen this shirt that represents more the decorative character of the house. A white baroque print on a black background for a more festive shirt, less suited to casual looks and more suitable for a cocktail party. To combine with an elegant outfit to play with contrasts.

Calvin Klein shirt in western style, the bicolor for winter

Courtesy Calvin Klein

We close with a shirt model even more difficult than the previous ones: the old West shirt by Calvin Klein according to the designer Raf Simons. The cowboy look is an indication of the trend already started with the fall, and not just by the Belgian designer. The advice is to limit yourself to the bicolor shirt to the Texan, without overdoing it with other garments or accessories. Better to combine it with tailored trousers or an elegant outfit. To close the look, choose black leather ankle boots.




























































































































































































































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