The slim tie is back in fashion for fall 2018

The skinny tie seemed to have disappeared forever, until Robert Pattinson wore one.

Thin, with a tiny knot, to be worn with an elegant skinny suit, with a screwed jacket and loose lapels: the 90s look at Hedi Slimane’s Dior Homme suddenly makes a new appearance, after a few seasons in which he was given for dead, and the merit, or the fault, goes to Robert Pattinson. In fact, the actor has sported an elegant suit with slim attire, by Dior, and the doubt returns: but really the skinny looks will come back into fashion?

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How to combine the slim tie

It is not said that the skinny look comes back to dominate, but Pattinson believes it. The skinny tie, better if dark and silk, must be strictly combined respecting the (reduced) proportions. The jacket must have thin lapels, not to unbalance the relationship between the measures that is the basis of masculine elegance.

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Pattinson’s tie could just be a nostalgic look at the look of a few years ago, given that the trends and proposals of the stylists point in the opposite direction, the return of the wide tie. But when the look is still guessed, why not look back every now and then?




































































































































































































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