Napapijri presents Ze-Knit a new concept of clothing

A combination of ergonomic performance and sustainability marks another milestone in Napapijri’s journey of “Make it Better” value

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A bit futuristic, decidedly contemporary, designed and studied to guarantee the wearer the maximum in terms of comfort and functionality. Here is explained in a few key concepts the new Napapijri clothing line. His name is Ze-Knit, and from this we can see another strong point that is at the base of the new line: that is the knitting with which the garments are made.

The innovation of Ze-Knit lies in a computerized knitwear technology that, similarly to 3D printing, knits along a digital path. Considering that the garments are worked from a single yarn, and not from a piece of fabric, technology frees the hands of designers from many limitations of traditional production, offering them the flexibility to use various materials, linings and colors at any stage of creation . This is why the FW18 Ze-Knit collection has multiple functionalities that are literally interwoven in design: the ergonomic bending points around allow the items to move in sync with the body, greatly improving comfort.

The wool, an extraordinary natural insulator, is used in variable quantities to adapt to the points where the body is most in need. Finally, a special treatment allows you to retain and neutralize odors to ensure freshness.

Respect for the freedom of movement goes hand in hand with respect for the environment, it is no coincidence that the production process of Ze-Knit reduces the waste of raw materials up to 30% compared to traditional production techniques, and each piece is manufactured to order eliminating unnecessary waste. Moreover, since the complete garments are made from a single machine, production can be positioned closer to the place of request, considerably reducing the carbon footprint of each item. Ze-Knit allows Napapijri to imagine a not too distant future in which the customer can order a completely customizable item, made from scratch and delivered within 24 hours.































































































































































































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