Diesel celebrates 40 years with 4 special watches

The Renzo Rosso brand presents three new editions and a new anniversary model.

It seems like yesterday, but 40 years have passed since the foundation of Diesel, one of the most famous streetwear brands on the planet. It seems yesterday also because Diesel, created by a baby boomers like Renzo Rosso, as an age would be part of Generation X, even if, continuing to renew itself, it became Millennial and now belongs to Generation Z. In practice: it is a brand that is always young and for young people.

Courtesy Diesel

Starting with denim, Diesel has expanded over the years its influence in the fashion world with many other products, including watches. To celebrate the important milestone of 40 years, he launched a special collection consisting of a contemporary re-proposal of the 2005 models, Tipps Digital, Bugout (chosen among the brand’s archives personally by Renzo Rosso, who identified them as among the most significant over the years) and a completely new one: the 40th LE.

Courtesy Diesel

For the new versions of the old workhorses, more modern materials have been used, such as transparent acetate instead of metal for the case and transparent silicone together with the blackened steel for the strap in the 2005 model, which aesthetically, as well as the Bugout , on the dial also shows an additional signature dedicated to the anniversary: 40th.

Courtesy Diesel

Signature that then returns also on the new 40th LE with square and transparent case. After the three analogue models, the digital space in the collection is occupied by the Tipps Digital, which features buttons that recall the 90s. Always young even on the wrist. Until the next generation.

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Article taken from https://www.esquire.com/it/stile/accessori-uomo/a24104861/orologi-uomo-diesel-40-anni/

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