The men’s fashion of spring summer 2019 according to the best Japanese designers

The creations of Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons, Issey Miyake and other great innovators.

To bring them together is the country of origin, Japan. A common denominator that influences and inspires fashion designers season after season. Each of them, however, declines aesthetic references and sartorial techniques according to their own vision, impressing the garments of codes that are always new but well recognizable. So in the spring summer 2019 of Yohji Yamamoto win the black and the stratifications.


If you go to Comme des Garçons, the catwalk comes alive with tailored clothes in a remixed and extravagant version. With Issey Miyake, instead, you return to a casual and unstructured dress, while Undercover imagines dressing eight gangs like The Warriors of the Night. Up to Sacai, who designs a wardrobe of uniforms in a tribal version. So here is the upcoming summer season seen through the eyes of five great exponents of Japanese aesthetics.

Yohji Yamamoto


The spring summer 2019 signed by Yohji Yamamoto is a tribute to the black iconic and its overlays. Interplaying the codes of the original stylist from Tokyo are touches of color and vibrant prints, which stand out on unstructured looks among floral motifs, ideograms and geishas. So emerging from the collection is an underlying and mysterious charm, which seduces between draped silhouettes and macro volumes.

Comme des Garçons


In the hands of Rei Kawakubo, creative soul of Comme des Garçons, the men’s summer takes over the crazy suit. The protagonist of the 2019 esthete spring catwalk of the Homme Plus line is the tailored suit, revised according to an eclectic and extravagant interpretation. An anthem to nonconformity that starts from the most traditional head of the male wardrobe.

Issey Miyake


Artisan innovation meets the casual style in Issey Miyake’s spring summer 2019. Light white shirts, soft trousers and unstructured blazers are the protagonists of a collection made with innovative techniques and textures, to combine functionality and aesthetics. The proportions animate the linear silhouettes, while tie-dye and marble effects enliven the neutral palette, forming a casual wardrobe suitable for everyday life.



There are eight different gangs imagined by Jun Takahashi to popular the spring summer 2019 of his Undercover. The Japanese designer named the The New Warriors collection, referring to the cult movie of the 70s The Warriors of the Night. Divided into groups of six, Undercover-dressed fashion bands range from geeks to athletes, each with their own attitude and coordinated look.



The urban uniforms of Sacai are enriched with ethnic elements to face the spring summer 2019. Recalls of the Navajo motifs, patchwork of denim and tartan incursions alternate and mingle with each other, ranging from over-parka to folklore knitwear. The iconic uniforms thus acquire a bohemian touch, composing themselves in the aesthetic puzzle of Chitose Abe, the stylistic soul of the Japanese brand.





















































































































































































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