Halloween 2018: 10 ideas for a do-it-yourself men’s costume

Can Halloween costumes also be used as menswear? Here are some really useful, original and economic proposals

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Getting a man’s suit suitable for Halloween night is a time-consuming and expensive business that ultimately only serves to increase the non-recyclable pile of trash. Instead of waiting for November 1 and perhaps giving in to the temptation to make the classic last-minute purchase, squandering money unnecessarily, we try to invest a little higher amount on something to wear even after Halloween. Which purchase is you obsessing with right now? If there was the possibility of using it as a legendary costume, you could kill two birds with one stone. Here are 10 ideas to put things together and find another excuse to have fun shopping.

The fireman costume is a perfect costume for Halloween. If you are a father, you will make your children happy while the catch is guaranteed in case you were single. It’s warm and reflective if you add a helmet from which you can free yourself whenever you want. The big advantage is that the clothes inspired by firemen are trendy this season so you do not have to buy something to throw in the flames right away.

As if the mood of the film Black Panther was not already in tune with the atmosphere of Halloween, the super-criminal Killmonger, the most clever and cunning Wakanda guy, wears the coolest trousers in the United States at the moment: the training camouflage pants. Let’s say that the costume is an excuse to reinforce the Balenciaga kit and the biceps in the gym.

Prince Harry on his wedding day is a perfect costume to wear both to reinforce an existing sentimental tie and to play his own single cards in the best possible way. It also offers you the perfect excuse to buy those side-striped trousers you’ve been watching for most of the year. The jacket, meanwhile, requires some minor modification or the purchase of something like this in a very cheap store or on eBay.

This type of costume is not particularly current, although Nic Cage is an evergreen, but allows you to buy a last big Hawaiian shirt before their winter hibernation on the shelves waiting for next summer. It’s also an excellent move for a last-minute and low-effort choice. Aside from the shirt, all you need is a mustache, a bit of hair on your chest and a sign with your mug shot.

Pay tribute to Burt Reynolds, a legend of style and authentic deity in the care of his appearance, dressing up as one of his best characters: Bo “Bandit” Darville. You’ll have an excuse to buy some designer cowboy clothes that continue to lord it in men’s clothing. In addition you can pretend to communicate with a cb radio connected to nothing for the whole night, which seems fun.

You have two excellent excuses to get dressed up by Gianni Versace during the next Halloween. The first is that the TV series, The Assassination of Gianni Versace, came out this year. The second is that the strong and flowing 90s-style shirts are now extremely fashionable. Let’s say that if you can afford it you can go directly to the source enriching your wardrobe, or fold on a belt with a buckle and play Gianni dressing in black and carrying a pair of extremely tall and sullen friends.

Halloween highlights the BDE, the “big dick energy” of those who feel superdotated, present in all of us. So playing the part of Pete Davidson will not be a problem at all. It also helps the fact that his style is based entirely on a comfortable streetwear, which everyone would always wear. Just invest a few dollars in something a little ‘louder than usual and wear the hoodie all night and you’re done.

Thanks to Rami Malek and his continuing obsession with the stylistic universe of the ’70s, this is a great year to dress up as Freddie Mercury. The theatrical costumes of the God of British rock are always beautiful to wear, but we focus on the Freddie off the stage, so you can bet on one of the t-shirts with the retro logo of the season. Just add just as tight jeans and a mother’s wig.

The Shaft costume is a fun guaranteed for Halloween and a more than unique opportunity to launch yourself on a leather jacket like a true champion. A kind of trench coat, though any 1970s-style garment can give the appearance of Richard Roundtree, provided it’s worn with fake sideburns and a turtleneck sweater like the detective does in the film in question. Alternatively, you can fall back on the remake of Samuel L. Jackson opting for the waterproof version of Matrix (very on the catwalk in 2018) and the head well shaved.

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Is the movie that paid tribute to Fred Rogers and you too can do it on Halloween wearing one of his iconic sweaters. Assembling the rest of the costume should be easy enough: the famous Rogers uniform is made up of the basic elements of every men’s clothing that everyone should own.


















































































































































































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