Men’s tie, 5 curiosity that not everyone knows

From its origins to the court tie of King Louis XIV, passing through the most expensive specimen in the world. Here are some curiosities about the male accessory par excellence

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Probably many do not know it, but the origins of today’s tie actually come from a war. That of the Thirty years of the first half of the seventeenth century, to be precise, when the French troops were struck by the foulards that the military from Croatia used to bind around the neck: the union of the words “croates” and “hrvati” (ie “Croati”, respectively in French and in the local language) was born in this way the term tie, to indicate that piece of colored cloth destined to be quickly spread first in European clothing and then in the rest of the world.

On October 18, 2003, the Academia Cravatica decided to wrap the Roman arena of the city of Pula with a giant red tie 808 meters long, to pay homage to the stylistic symbol of the Croatian national identity. From there, after the Parliament was officially announced five years later, on October 18th it became in effect the Tie Day, a day dedicated to this great protagonist of the male wardrobe.

“Once the tie was considered an accessory to wear in moments when elegance and formalities were a must – underlines Stefano Bigi, sole director of Bigi Cravatte Milano. – Today this trend has been cleared and the tie, in addition to playing a key role in classic dress, has also begun to be used to give a touch of personality to more casual and informal outfits, to show off during leisure time, thus spreading too among the very young “. A style icon ready to reinvent itself again and again, therefore: to celebrate it properly on the day of your party, here are 5 things you still do not know about the tie.

Man adjusting tie, cropped

A king accessory
France was the first nation to perceive the charm of the neck bandage worn by Croatian soldiers. In 1661 King Louis XIV even established the office of “king’s tie”, a gentleman chosen to help the king to tie his tie in the best possible way.

How many ways to knot it
To give a touch of novelty to the way to wear a tie, the Swedish mathematician Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson has identified the beauty of 266,682 possible nodes elaborated thanks to logical theories and complex mathematical models. The researcher has even created an online generator of random nodes, some really very complex.

Non-economic ties
The most expensive tie in the world is the Suashish, created by Studio Satya Paul Design in collaboration with the Suashish Diamond Group: a pure silk specimen embellished with 150 grams of gold and 271 diamonds. The card is close to 200 thousand euros.

An accessory that becomes a symbol
The first club tie in history dates back to 1880, when students at Oxford’s Exeter College decided en masse to remove the ribbons from their straw hats and tie them around their necks, creating a real distinctive symbol.

When the tie becomes art
Amedeo Modigliani and Magritte have immortalized this accessory respectively in the paintings Donna with the tie and Le fils de l’homme. At the Venice Biennale last year, an entire room was hung with 45 tons of ties from the Israeli-born artist Michal Cole: a work of denunciation against machismo.

















































































































































































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