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Blue dress: 4 ways to wear it in the evening

We bring it from day to day, but it’s perfect reinterpreted for evening with friends: here are our tips

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With the classic black jeans it is impossible to make mistakes. But we wear it already to go to the office, and often accompanies us for the classic evening with friends, in short, the risk that in the long run we are tired around the corner, and then preclude a whole series of options that, thinking about it, are not not bad. Every man has in his wardrobe a classic navy blue suit, which he wears on formal occasions, from the marriage of the best friend to the job interview, hides in reality a crazy style potential. The actors who have shown off in recent weeks have given an excellent example.

1. White dress/t-shirt/sneakers
The easiest version for those leaving the office: off the shirt and tie, the jacket with the t-shirt maybe dark, she is also good for a wine bar, shoes must be immaculate sneakers. Better.

2. Gown trousers/white shirt/black lace-up shoe
You are probably already used to wearing your favorite navy blue suit with a white shirt and elegant black shoes, but look at the details: have you ever thought of a soft and open collar, French instead of the pointed one?

3. Gown trousers/leather jacket/white sneakers
For an even more informal style of the informal, which depopulates among the youngest.

4. Dress/turtleneck/slippers
A very elegant way but not set to wear a blue dress, the sweet life and the slippers on the feet give a completely spontaneous and natural way to wear a classic of the male wardrobe, which never ceases to be the protagonist, both in the day and in evening.














































































































































































Article taken from https://www.gqitalia.it/moda/trend/2018/10/17/abito-blu-da-uomo-come-si-porta-la-sera-4-modi-diversi/

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