3 cult accessories to wear when it rains

A-Cold-Wall * hat, Alexander McQueen’s umbrella and Valentino Garavani’s biker boots.

For now it is saving us, but usually the forward of autumn means rain. Maybe this year it is postponed until November, but it is always better to ask: how to get away from the water while not losing style? The secret is twofold: choose the color black (which remains unchanged with or without water) and select waterproof accessories. Like those selected here.

Cappello di A-Cold-Wall*


The model is the rainproof one, but the white contrasting label gives the whole accessory that hype touch, so loved and requested today.

Alexander McQueen umbrella


Black, covered all-over by skeletons declined in red. The umbrella is the only accessory really necessary during the gloomy days. If it is also ironic, well come.

Valentino Garavani boots


Above the laces they have the VLTN logo, in contrast, on technical fabric straps. While the studs are based on the iconic Rockstud models. The brand’s new leather boots give the look a rock and underground touch.





















































































































































































Article taken from https://www.esquire.com/it/stile/accessori-uomo/g23832935/accessori-moda-uomo-antipioggia-autunno-inverno-2018-2019/

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