Here is the most requested men’s sweatshirt from autumn 2018

The blue jacquemus hooded sweater is already snapping up on the official e-shop.

It will be that cut slightly different from the usual hooded sweatshirts, that quid of design that distinguishes a fashion house from any casual brand, will be the name embroidered on the chest in an old-fashioned italic, or it will be that rare blue, but the sweatshirt the most requested in autumn 2018 is that of Jacquemus. It is called Brodé, that is “embroidered”, and is part of the maison’s first collection, Le Gadjo.


Courtesy Jacquemus

It’s already snapped up on the brand’s official e-shop, and it could go sold out once you’ve reached the end of this article, also because it’s one of the best examples of the young French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus. The debut took place last June, on a little beach in Marseille, with a collection inspired by gipsy, colored and nonchalant elegance. Now you enter the market, with a piece just streetwear as they know by now all the high and low fashion houses that want interesting billing.

Courtesy Jacquemus

It could be the rare blue that attracts customers that the French love to call Majorelle, from the electric blue house of Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech, now a museum. In fact, that undecided shade between blue and violet is not common in men’s fashion, especially on a casual garment. The unexpected color palette is not only in Uniqlo, in short.


Yves Saint Laurent Museum a Marrakech

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The same designer had worn a different version at the end of a fashion show, where he advertised the men’s line. Beautiful, but never like the one that may have already escaped you while you finished this article.


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