Lardini, the new dandy style

In the anniversary year for its first 40 years, the brand designs a men’s collection according to the dictates of English elegance, but with the right contemporary appeal

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The English countryside with its colors, its smells, its natural elegance is the setting in which the Lardini man is immersed for the autumn-winter season 2018/2019. The brand, which this year celebrated its first forty years, has always been recognized throughout the world for the mastery of the sartorial tradition that has its roots in an extraordinary know-how made of history, territory, courage, made in Italy and love for quality.

The wardrobe is punctuated with careful precision in the imprinting of the structures and the completeness of types of garments, materials and motifs: the jackets and trousers are constructed with almost architectural accuracy, but without any rigidity. The former are often unlined, because the texture is enough to give them the right balance. The coats and outerwear propose a whole lexicon of models, almost all covered with knee-peacoat, montgomery, field jacket, trench coat, parkas. The man Lardini wears the three pieces with absolute mastery of the codes of the most noble elegance and in his free time he cuts out of the style digressions that invite him to choose now a docevita now a cardigan in cashmere, mohair, alpaca, but also a blazer knitted to emphasize all the flavor of “handmade”.

The yarns are exclusive and flanked by baby alpaca, wool non plus ultra with techno-texture as a support.

The chromatic horizon ranges between tones that can be placed between warmth and liveliness, always subtended by blue and brown as guide colors: from acid yellow and green, to burnt, to camel, to mustard. Among the key pieces of the season there are two special jackets created just for the 40th anniversary: declined in the most noble and refined materials, with elegant tailoring details, in a limited and numbered edition. Both jackets are made with fabrics that feature the all-over Lardini flower, and have a gold buttonhole. And to find out more about the company, an ad hoc documentary was created that tells the story of a great Made in Italy brand.












































































































































































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