Geox with Riccardo Marca for Geox Next Generation

The Italian 2018 Windsurfing Champion is the new brand ambassador of the project signed by the Italian shoe factory

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It is called Geox Next Generation the new project signed by the Italian footwear brand, Geox, which involves some of the most promising Italian athletes of the new generation, which thanks to their lifestyle and their sporting passion, reflect the pursuit of freedom and well-being that characterize the philosophy of the brand.

The first of the athletes involved in the project is Riccardo Marca, Italian 2018 windsurfing champion freestyle and new Geox Brand Ambassador. Always looking for the right wind – between Sardinia – its land of adoption – the Canary Islands and South Africa, Germany and Lake Garda – the twenty-two year old from Riccione, is the emblem of a young and dynamic lifestyle.





























































































































































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