The ideal garments for an autumn outfit

Layered looks are always the most recommended for mid-seasons: here’s what to wear for autumn 2018.

The best autumn outfits of 2018 will be layered, and not just for a logical or practical matter. Layering is not just the ideal solution for the mid-seasons, it is a real art. The reason? You can not create layered autumn outfits by wearing anything: there are indicated garments and clothes advised against, and even alternating or deciding the order is the result of a certain savoir faire that you can also learn. That’s how.


The best autumn outfits for men’s fashion

To create a layered look that does not know about an old cold-blooded gentleman, you have to play with cunning. Some garments, for example, need to be rejuvenated with strategic combinations, such as the cardigan that is always in danger of getting old. The ideal to make it more interesting is to combine it with a denim shirt, perhaps even using the tie. The best garments for a truly contemporary layered look are the denim jacket, not to be stored in a wardrobe before December, even if it is a spring garment, the V-neck sweater, the true trend of autumn 2018, the knit polo shirt, the vest and a destructured jacket. Let’s see in detail all the garments to be used for layering.

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How to dress in autumn?

Let’s start with the lower layers. The V-neck sweater, for example, does not necessarily have to be combined with a shirt, because the result could be rather boring. Sometimes a T-shirt is enough to create an extra layer. The knitted polo shirt lends itself only to upper layers, and the winning formula of autumn 2018 is with a destructured jacket. It will create a smart casual look perfect for the office, and if the problem is cold you can always resort to a long-sleeved polo shirt. For the still warm months of autumn, a summer blazer will suffice. Once arrived at the end of October, it is better to switch to a plaid jacket, or to resort to typically autumn fabrics, such as the Prince of Wales.

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What sweaters to choose for an autumn outfit

Autumn 2018 combines a V-neck turtleneck sweater. The high-neck sweater should however be thin and light to create a layered look. The ideal is always with the jacket, even if you can insert another layer with a cardigan or a vest. There are those who like to insert under the coat a light sleeveless down jacket, the strongest of some brands like Uniqlo and born for this purpose. The thick weave sweater obviously closes all the possibilities of creating a layering worthy of the name. On the thin turtleneck one can also wear a shirt.


The ideal layering jackets

To avoid the “grandfather effect” between turtleneck, cardigans and padded gilets, better select just one of these pieces, and alternate it with garments that are more youthful and casual, like the denim jacket. Perfect between a turtleneck and a coat, or between a rather large unstructured jacket and a shirt. Often the same light jacket can be replaced by a shirt-jacket, those unique heavy fabric pieces created just like the middle ground between shirt and outerwear. As an alternative to the jacket, many recommend the jacket of the suit, but this would lower the tone of the look too much. Better an M65, the chic version of the expensive old military jacket with front pockets. It goes well with autumn coats such as trench coats and long coats.

The coat of autumn 2018

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Not all coats are fine, also because layering is not just a matter of thicknesses to be overlapped, but also of lengths and proportions. The bomber jacket and all other short coats in life are not very suitable, because it is not said to cover any jackets and vests below for their entire length. For this reason trench coats and other light and longer coats are more recommended. The fall winter 2018 2019, for example, will feature the leather coat, but in the case of layered looks, we must also take into account the harmonies between colors and fabrics.


















































































































































































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