How to dress for the matriculation exam

Comfortable, light and casual, but not too sporty. To feel comfortable and make a good impression before the commission

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The moment most feared by every high school student, the maturity exam, is upon us. The kick-off will be given on June 20th, the day of the first written test. We will avoid giving you the usual advice such as drinking a lot of water, sleeping at least 8 hours a night, taking vitamins, not exceeding the use of caffeine .. In this article we will give you some suggestions on what to wear to better support your exam maturity. An eye on your outfit, especially on occasions like this, is a must. The first tip is to choose clothes and accessories that make you feel at ease. Something you love to wear and that makes you feel comfortable, including your shirt or necklace brings good luck. The second tip is to opt, since we are in the summer, on light and breathable garments at most, including shoes. Finally we suggest you think of different looks to wear depending on the test to be supported. For example, for the first three written tests, yes a sweatshirt with a clean design – like that of Tommy Hilfiger – t-shirt (like the basic one by Paolo Pecora) or polo shirt in short-sleeved cotton (see that of Stone Island) and sneakers to read.

Jeans, with no tears or too much worn effect, like the classic Levi’s, or to be even fresher than the chinos, like those of Officine Generale, would be ideal but if the thermometer has exceeded thirty degrees, ok even a bermuda shorts. Naturally not too short and to wear with a belt at the waist (that of Gutteridge is in fabric and leather). For the oral test instead the rules change. Wear a classic shirt like that of Xacus, or alternatively a polo shirt – in any case a garment with a collar and buttons – and avoid maxi writing and logos. If you want you can also wear a light unlined jacket, like that of Gant. In front of the commission you will certainly buy more points. If you can not do without sneakers, at least choose them very simple, with neutral colors. In the gallery you will find the iconic Samba model by Adidas. The important thing is that they are clean and not damaged. Alternatively you can wear a pair of light suede shoes; for example moccasins or the classic boat model. Just like the one signed by Lumberjack.


























































































































































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