Bermuda man 2018: the models for the summer

Who wants to have a cool look this summer can not not wear the new men’s shorts 2018. From jeans to cargo models, from those of Zara up to the proposals of Armani, find out what are the bermudas for casual men, but also for the sea, which is worth buying in this hot season.

Bermuda uomo estate 2018

The men’s Bermuda shorts 2018 are among the must-have clothing items of the summer. Impossible to do without it because they are the right clothes to replace, when the temperatures become very high, the classic trousers and jeans. These shorts are distinguished by a series of features, from the fabric, like jeans, to the model like the cargo. There are those to go to the beach and of course there is no shortage for Bermuda shorts.

Bermuda men’s jeans 2018

BERMUDA UOMO 2018 jeans

Levi’s jeans bermudas with palms 2018

For sure, among the most popular models are the men’s denim shorts. Signing them are the most famous brands, including Levi’s and Dondup, but there are also other creations that will win you over. There are the men’s jeans shorts by Zara, available in different colors. Very nice also the men’s bermudas by Armani, characterized by a sporty touch.

Bermuda military men 2018

BERMUDA UOMO 2018 militare

The North Face military bermuda 2018

Military-style models are definitely very popular in summer but also in winter. There are several variations that can do for you and among these there are the men’s cargo bermudas, which are those with side pockets. Among the various proposals there are those declined in green, as the creations of Alpha Industries and Woolrich, or in beige and caramel-colored, including the men’s Bermuda by Zalando. Obviously there are also camouflage models, including those of The North Face and R13.

Bermuda man sea 2018

BERMUDA UOMO 2018 mare

Bermuda sea Vilebrequin 2018

For the summer you should not miss the 2018 shorts swimwear. Among the men’s sea bermuda there are obviously those signed Calzedonia, bright colors, models with designs inspired by the animals of Vilebrequin or even the proposals signed by Dolce & Gabbana with polka dots. 
















































































































































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