Armani men’s formal wear 2018: Italian elegance

Discover all the new Armani men’s formal wear 2018 that you can wear at a wedding or other important and chic events. From classic blazers and trousers to tuxed models, here are the new Armani ceremony dresses for 2018.

Abiti cerimonia uomo Armani 2018

Undoubtedly the Armani men’s formalwear 2018 are among the most refined, beloved and sought after of the moment. The Italian designer always knows how to stand out and distinguish those who wear his tailored creations. In the new collection there are, in fact, a series of glam and sophisticated suits, characterized by clean lines, precious fabrics and sober colors, such as shades of gray and blue and black. So many clothes to find the perfect model to wear on an important day. Discover on what are the new Armani men’s 2018 formal dresses.

Classic Armani formal dresses 2018

Abiti da cerimonia Armani uomo 2018

Armani, blue wedding dress 2018

Those who love sobriety and a simple and clean style will certainly not be able to let themselves be conquered by the new classic and sophisticated Armani formalwear at the same time. Among the novelties of this year we find complete in shades of blue and dark gray, characterized by blazer jackets with two buttons and coordinated with linear and slipped trousers, with a slim fit line. Those who want to add a touch of style to their look will be able to choose between striped and plaid formal dresses, also in shades of blue and gray, or prefer something even more sober, like men’s black dresses.

Armani formal dresses with tuxedo 2018

Abiti da cerimonia Armani uomo 2018 smoking

Black ceremonial dress with Armani 2018 tuxedos

About Armani black dresses, in the catalog there are many perfect proposals for the evening. These are characterized by a unique and particular piece of clothing, or tuxedo, the ideal jacket for important events, including weddings but also gala dinners. The alternative is to choose Armani blue formalwear, equally characterized by a tuxedo jacket and straight and simple trousers.

The prices of the Armani men’s formal wear

Abiti da cerimonia Armani uomo 2018 prezzi

Armani men’s formal dress in wool and cashmere

Each Armani ceremony dress has its own cost that varies according to style, texture and materials used for the packaging of the suit. In any case, the prices of Armani men’s ceremonial clothes are around 1700 euros but can also reach peaks of 2700 euros.








































































































































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