Wedding dresses 2018: the perfect clothes for your wedding

Among the 2018 bridal gowns for men there are plenty of perfect dresses for the wedding day. So many trends to follow or simply to be evaluated, so many brands that have made complete unmissable, from Armani to Pignatelli, and many prices that can satisfy the needs of everyone.

Abiti da sposo uomo 2018

Those looking for the new bridal gowns 2018 will have to discover the fashion proposals for the wedding day made by the biggest brands specialized in the sector, such as Pignatelli, Armani and many others. It is important to choose the wedding dress according to your personal style but also according to the type of ceremony and taking into account even the bride’s tastes: never underestimate them! That’s why you have to consider every model, from classic and simple groom dresses to the more particular ones, full of decorations and exclusive details. In this article we reveal what are the best men’s dresses 2018 for the wedding.

Bridegroom man 2018: trends

abiti sposo 2018 damascato

Damask groom suit for 2018

First of all, before discovering what the brands have signed for this year, it is important to focus on the 2018 man grooming trend. Among the most popular clothes of the moment there are many two or three piece creations that will satisfy your tastes. Undoubtedly the damask models stand out, characterized mainly by the semi-gloss jacket with decorations that recall leaves, flowers but also abstract designs. The shades to be preferred are certainly those of blue, from the lightest to the darkest, but also black, gray and, for the most eccentric, red.

Petrelli, wedding dress for 2018

On the other hand we find the sobriety, then the triumph of the classic and plain bridal dresses 2018. Once again it is the blue that triumphs among the masculine colors, flanked by the various shades of gray and black. And, if on one side, you can dare with green, red and sand, on the other it is absolutely forbidden to choose white milk, unless you get married on the beach.

Armani bridal gowns 2018

Giorgio Armani, wedding dress 2018

Armani has signed a sought-after collection of groom’s clothes in which we find models of all kinds, but all with sober lines and small details that make the difference. The Italian designer has once again succeeded in winning a place of honor in the wedding sector, creating charming and refined wedding clothes for him. In the Armani 2018 collection of bridal gowns, the clean-cut jacket and trousers stand out, but also double-breasted and non-double tuxed models.

Groomsman Carlo Pignatelli 2018

abiti sposo 2018 pignatelli

Carlo Pignatelli, wedding dress 2018

Those who want extravagant bridal dresses for 2018 can certainly turn to one of the most followed and influential brands in the wedding universe: Carlo Pignatelli. As always, the Italian designer has created a fascinating and unusual collection, with jackets decorated in a dandy style and eccentric and strong colors.

Obviously there are also many other brands that sign beautiful and trendy groom’s clothes, like Petrelli, Rocchini, Corneliani, Hugo Boss, Maestrami, Musani and many signed by great brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana and Canali.




































































































































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