North Sails launches the t-shirt capsules to save the sea

The historic sails brand continues its commitment to safeguarding the oceans and launches a t-shirt capsule made of recycled cotton and PET bottles

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“The ocean generates 50% of the oxygen we breathe, regulates the climate and is an essential source of food, energy and life. It is so vast that we often consider it without limits; able to meet our growing needs and remain immune to human interactions. But we can not deny that something is changing. For years, an enormous amount of metals, plastics and pesticides has poured into the ocean, compromising their flora and fauna. It is estimated that 8 million tons of plastic pollute it every year and if we continue this way, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. The good news is that it is not too late to take actions and changes starting from small daily gestures and individual choices “, so Willem Wijnen, North Sails Collection Chief Customer Officer tells the new route of the historic clothing brand that, after announcing to December 2017, the collaboration with the International Foundation Ocean Family Foundation, whose main mission is the protection of marine biodiversity, now takes a further step forward.

Not only with the launch of the video of the P / E 2018 “Go Beyond Plastic” campaign, directed by Marco Prestini and Mauro Chiarello, which invites everyone to reflect on the current state of our sea and not to consider it as “normal” (video video below).

But also through a capsule collection of t-shirts, called not by chance Free the Sea and made of Recover Blue, an innovative fabric made from recycled cotton and PET bottles. The men’s, women’s and children’s collections are already available online and in the best stores.

































































































































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