O’Neill invents the waterproof denim swimsuit

Quick drying, lightweight and mobility without restrictions: the O’Neill x Isko swimsuit

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O’Neill has filled the gap between blue jeans and the sea. Of course, the blue canvas has an ancestral familiarity with the water as it started from the Port of Genoa to reach the whole world. But it is up to O’Neill and the Turkish ISKO jeans manufacturer to have patented a quick-drying, lightweight and stretchy denim.

Isko Blue Skin, the name of denim, offers unrestricted mobility. It is also 50% lighter than traditional jeans and is water repellent thanks to the O’Neill Hyperdry treatment applied to the material it is made of. The fabric treated in this way remains soft and breathable both inside and outside the water, with a resistance suitable for those who surf professionally.

The surf shorts feature side and back pockets with iconic contrasting yellow stitching, while the design has a relaxed silhouette with a lace-up waistband.

The Denim Boardshort (in the picture) belongs to the O’Neill Hybrid range, an innovative swimsuit concept that completely fills the gap between land and sea, bringing the street style directly into the water. It is already available in two black or blue delavate colors at a price of €100.



























































































































Article taken from https://www.gqitalia.it/moda/trend/new/2018/04/26/oneill-inventa-il-costume-da-bagno-in-denim-impermeabile/

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