Calzedonia man’s costumes 2018: the models in the catalog

Costumi da bagno Calzedonia uomo 2018

Calzedonia 2018 men’s costumes from the new catalog respond to current fashion trends. Briefs, shorts and boxers are the models that make up the swimwear brand collection, which has focused heavily on strong colors, contrasts but also on some summer fantasy. The flowers, the tropical motifs, but also small fish and micro turtles stand out. Find out what’s new in the Calzedonia 2018 men’s swimwear catalog.

Calzedonia 2018 men’s boxer shorts

Calzedonia costumi uomo 2018

Calzedonia 2018 micro fantasy costume

One of the most classic and certainly most appreciated among the swimwear 2018 and always is certainly the boxer. It is a practical proposal, comfortable and comfortable, which is good for everyone. Calzedonia offers two versions: short and slightly long. Some present the elastic and other laces. Most of the 2018 boxer costumes of the brand are declined in the solid color variant and the colors that most characterize this collection are blue, black, red, burgundy, yellow and turquoise.

Calzedonia costumi uomo 2018 tropicale

Calzedonia 2018 tropical boxer costume

These are accompanied by costumes with micro patterns inspired by the world of the sea, such as crabs, fish and anchors but there are also micro-dots or thin and vertical lines in shades of light blue. Speaking of prints, there are also several men’s swimwear with flowers, with tropical motifs and camouflage.

Calzedonia men’s briefs 2018

Calzedonia costumi uomo 2018 slip

Calzedonia 2018 black men’s briefs

If you like the slimmer models, you can not do without the Calzedonia 2018 men’s briefs. In this case, the solid colors of the Coast to Coast series, in shades of red, blue, dark gray, black and white, win. In the same vein there are also those with a slightly ‘higher life and some models with blue and khaki green camouflage print.

Men’s shorts shorts Calzedonia 2018

Calzedonia costumi uomo 2018 pantaloncino

Close-fitting sea camouflage shorts from the Calzedonia 2018 collection

Finally, there are the shorts shorts, which compared to the boxers are those adherent. They are also known as parigrapas and the brand has proposed some alternating monochromatic proposals to those with military camouflage print.






























































































































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