The most beautiful swimming slippers to put (only) in the city

Comfort always and anyway, here is the must of the beautiful season. Thus, as the temperature rises, the pool slipper becomes the essential accessory: from €18 to €690

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Yes, you read that right, these swimming slippers can only be worn in the city because if you leave the poolside – unless it is your pool – you may not find them anymore. We have already talked about the slide-ons, so they are classified in the e-commerce sites of Balenciaga inspired by the election campaign of Bernie Sanders for the American presidential elections. But all the fashion houses emblazoned have re-proposed the classic swimming pool sandal for the summer 2018. Many are in rubber, several others in PVC, others still have some leather or fur details, some are completely covered with very fine materials : regardless of these, they are really for wallets with unlimited credit cards.

But let’s start with the basic models, those that if you want you can put them even when it rains or at least take them to the pool. The first for style and price (they cost “only” €35) offers Vans with black sole and damière upper in the black / white or gray / black version.

Someone could exchange them for that brand that you know. But you can not go wrong because Louis Vuitton has made them only with the monogram canvas upper (four-pointed star and LV logo). The version with the fabric-covered band is proposed at €690. In his own way, Raf Simons also uses the check to customize his version of Adidas Adidas in rubber. But speaking of big, the price remains “content” at €130. We arrive up to €590 with the model of Vetements: red rubber sole and upper inspired by the labels of 1.5 liter water bottles. The swimming slippers for the beautiful season of 2018 are really innumerable. To make you understand the importance that fashion houses (even high-end ones) are giving to this phenomenon, you just need to know that Versace has about thirty in the catalog: from the Palazzo line in PVC and block color with emblem Medusa (€220), up to the rock’n’royalty model with rubber sole and viscose/cotton band lined in leather (€595). Only – so to speak – 7 models for Givenchy that combines the upper with mink fur (450€) or the classic PVC with a visible logo (210€). Fifty models are also cataloged by Matches, almost forty by Mr Porter, thirty also by Urbans Outfitters.

Yoox‘s pool slippers fill 4 pages while Zara believes it is less than three models starting at €18, but very interesting for print and elegance. The pool slippers are born to be worn without socks, but more are the maisons that in the catalog have at least one line of socks. A clue to the fact that the slipper should be worn with the sock. Yes just like German tourists. Browse in the gallery the most luxurious pool ciabatta models.

P.S .: among other things, the old arena model of the 80s is a museum piece; it is no longer produced, so if you find it in the cellar, it is better not to throw it away.


























































































































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