Piquadro presents the connected backpack

Bluetooth connection, powerbank, geolocation, weight control, lock release with fingerprint: the Piquadro street-free line

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Backpacks and trolleys that become recognizable and acquire intelligence thanks to the fact that they can communicate data about themselves: this is the Internet of Things according to Piquadro. The Italian brand of tech-design products for business travelers brings the best of its concrete innovation to the Smart City: Materials, Technologies & People exhibition.

During the Fuorisalone, Piquadro leads to Superstudio Più its latest products with bagmotic technology. Backpacks and trolley can communicate with us because connected via Bluetooth with our smartphone and / or our smartwatch thanks to the Connequ app available on the App Store and Play Store. The latest generation Piquadro travel line is equipped with an integrated battery that recharges the smartphone for simple contact, an alert device in case of theft or loss, a handle that weighs the trolley and tells which airlines admit it in the cabin , a Bluetooth lock and a GSM that allows traceability anywhere in the world.

In addition, new 2018, the trolleys are equipped with a lock that opens and closes with a fingerprint.

The run-up to the Internet of Things, however, does not distract the Bolognese brand from stylistic research and attention to weight. The backpack and the trolley of the Coleos Bagmotic line, for example, are made of leather combined with an innovative knitted technical fabric, inspired by modern running shoes. The trolley of the PC2P line, instead, is in scratch-resistant, resistant and lightweight polycarbonate. In short, the future reserves us more and more stress-free journeys.























































































































Article taken from https://www.gqitalia.it/moda/trend/new/2018/04/20/piquadro-presenta-lo-zaino-connesso/

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