Xacus and Tessitura Monti, the coolest shirt for the summer

Roots in the past, unique fabrics and excellent wearability: when high-end shirts come from the collaboration between Made in Italy excellences

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Every day and several times a day come news of capsule collections with high-sounding names. Many brands are enticed by notoriety and potential visibility on social media, while others – few to tell the truth – only focus on the quality of the product. This is the case of Tessitura Monti and Xacus: the first one committed for 107 years in the world of high quality fabrics; the second active for 62 years in the shirting one.

Together they gave life to the Brezza Collection a proposal of shirts for the SS2018 made in Brezza, a line of fabrics processed from a yarn of the highest quality NE 80/1, 100% Made in Italy, which thanks to a skilful relationship of threads between warp and weft and with a specific finish it succeeds in giving life to a product with a sophisticated and impeccable facon, characterized by an excellent wearability and breathability.

The skill of Tessitura Monti allows Xacus to create a collection of shirts declined in multiple structures such as twill, poplin, oxford, up to the satin. Among the many qualities, we would like to mention the shirts made with the intimate cotton/linen blend yarn where the weave becomes a canvas characterized by the interweaving of colored warp threads and white weft. The result is a resistant fabric with a fresh and dry hand, which makes the shirt particularly comfortable for the summer. The color palette ranges from the more classic white and blue to a more decisive nuance with a Mediterranean flavor. To these are added stronger colors proposed in block variants or on the classic line.





















































































































Article taken from https://www.gqitalia.it/moda/trend/new/2018/04/19/xacus-e-tessitura-monti-la-camicia-piu-fresca-per-questa-estate/

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