Candiani Denim invents the sustainable super canvas (denim)

Only recycled fibers, no dissolved plastic, reduced water consumption: Candiani Denim celebrates its 80th Anniversary under the banner of sustainability with a special edition collection

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2018 is the annus memorabilis of Candiani Denim, the first European manufacturer of canvas – obviously – denim. In addition to celebrating its 80th Anniversary, the historic company of Rebecco with Induno, in the Ticino Park, can boast of having put into production the first super sustainable denim canvas: the Re-Gen Denim.

The super canvas Re-Gen Denim
Created to meet the extra-ordinary style requirements and at the same time protect the environment, this special fabric is made of Refibra™ and recycled fiber in equal parts. These are yarns derived from regenerated material. Therefore, not even one gram of fresh cotton is used for the production of Re-Gen Denim, the super-selvage canvas that unites the heritage of Candiani production with the most advanced sustainable technologies.

Less water, no loose plastic
One of the accusations aimed at the fashion industry and in particular that of denim is the intensive use of water and dangerous chemicals in weaving processes.

Candiani Denim has put a brake on this with two patents: Kitotex and Indigo Juice. The first involves the use of Chitosan, a substance obtained from the shellfish skeleton that is biocompatible and biodegradable. This process reduces consumption by up to 30% of energy, 50% of water and 70% of chemical agents. It also eliminates the release of CO2 and the use of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) which, as dissolved plastic, disperses in the marine environment, accumulating dangerously. The latter, on the other hand, allows a superficial dyeing of the yarn, allowing subsequent processing of denim with a low environmental impact.

The special collection
What a birthday, moreover, without a present. And so, Candiani Denim to celebrate his love for denim has entrusted Maurizio Donadi with the task of creating a limited edition special collection. The founder of Atelier & Repairs, in fact, has created twelve garments inspired by an evolved and contemporary workwear in pure total Re-Gen Denim. This collection will be exclusively sold, starting April 18th, from Tenue de Nimes in Amsterdam, one of the most important jeans culture stores in the world. It is comforting to know that someone transfers the concept of innovation, sustainability and Made in Italy excellence from theory to practice.

















































































































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