The $ 4,000 sneakers celebrating Virgil Abloh from Louis Vuitton

They are called Off-Louis Air Jordan 1: sneakers celebrating the appointment of Virgil Abloh as artistic director of Louis Vuitton Uomo

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Customizing sneakers for many is a game, for some it is a job, for others like the New York artist Ceeze is a work of art in all respects. His latest creation is called Off-Louis Air Jordan 1: a tribute to the recent appointment of the designer Virgil Abloh as artistic director of the menswear collections of Louis Vuitton. The Off-Louis Air Jordan 1 basketball shoes are the synthesis of this new stylistic combination. The term Off recalls the name of the Off-White brand founded by Virgil Abloh in 2012. Louis is the quote to the recent use of the designer, while the use of the Air Jordan 1 is dictated by Virgil Abloh’s known passion for the Nike world and in particular for the basketball shoes represented precisely by the model Air Jordan 1.

The details of personalization
The upper is made with the undisputed Monogram LV canvas with brown toe and cuff: a canvas that comes to life from an authentic disassembled Louis Vuitton suitcase.

The other details are reminiscent of The Ten, Virgil Abloh’s latest collaboration with Nike. Specifically, the internal silk-screened cuff with the details of the special edition, the Swoosh – the mustache – with visible stitching and the writing Louis Vuitton on the midsole: Louis in the left shoe, Vuitton in the right one. Customize the sole in shades of brown and leather strings.

Prices and availability
Ceeze, helped by friends @RelevantCustom and @richierange decided to make only 10 pairs of Off-Louis Air Jordan 1. After ordering it takes 5 to 7 weeks to receive these basketball shoes. They cost $ 4000, but the bad news is that the 10 very limited orders have already arrived. Do not despair, maybe, in a few years will be auctioned by Sotheby’s.














































































































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