Spring/Summer men’s jeans 2018: the models to have

Jeans uomo Primavera-Estate 2018

Slim and skinny are the models of men’s spring/summer 2018 jeans that go for the most but are not the only ones. For the warm season there are also many other pants that we suggest you do not miss. In addition, there are those torn, with decorations and applications, and even colorful proposals. Now you just have to find the right one for your daily style but also the proposal that, in terms of lines, you feel really good. Discover in the meantime what are the coolest spring / summer 2018 men’s jeans.

Tight, skinny and slim men’s jeans

jeans uomo primavera estate 2018  dondup

Dondup jeans men spring/summer 2018
How to choose men’s jeans? It often happens to be wrong only to follow the latest trends. But it must be said that in recent years there are models of trousers that go by the greatest and have completely invaded the shops and the largest online shops. Just take a look at the men’s jeans by Zalando and Amazon to find out that most of these are quite linear and slim fit. If you believe that this line can feel good, then you will not have to do is choose between the models of the moment.

jeans uomo primavera estate 2018 zara

Zara jeans men spring/summer 2018
There are the skinny jeans of Dondup that can do for you; the brand specializes in the production of denim trousers and in its latest collection has proposed several that will conquer you. Also among the men’s jeans from Zara you will find various interesting proposals, including models with a contrast band on the side.

jeans uomo primavera estate 2018  levis

Levi’s jeans men spring/summer 2018
There are also the new Diesel men’s jeans, among which several ripped models, and those of Polo Ralph Lauren that can do for you.

Short man jeans with turn-ups

jeans uomo primavera estate 2018  armani

Armani jeans men spring/summer 2018
In this hot season, men’s short jeans are also very popular. Some reveal the ankle, others can do it if you decide to give in to the turn-ups. Among the models to choose the coolest are the men’s jeans by Armani but also the models by Diesel. Not to be missed, always among these proposals, the new Levi’s men jeans, that perfectly show socks and shoes.

Colored men’s jeans

jeans uomo primavera estate 2018  royrogers

Roy Rogers jeans men spring/summer 2018
Not just the classic blue, in the new collections there are several colored denim trousers. First of all there are the black ones, such as the Balmain and Givenchy models, as well as Roy Rogers man jeans in peach pink. White, on the other hand, made its appearance in the Zara line.
















































































































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