Slam, the jackets to wear in the city inspired by the sea

Genoa and its Lantern orient the mood of the collection, to dress the fans with the mind turned to the suggestions of sailboats in mooring and nautical clubs. Always with the sea on

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For the Sportswear collection of the Spring Summer 2018 season, Slam presents the iconic outerwear, contemporary jackets suitable for the dynamism of modern cities and leisure, able to convey, in stylistic and chromatic choices, the inspiration of the Mediterranean, drawing on the functionality of more innovative technical clothing. Stylistic code and recall to the regattas, the reflective patch on the neck, with the geographical coordinates of the Lanterna di Genova and the Slam logo.

Among the seasonal garments, the modern design and the bold look of the Slam Siffert model instantly remind the wax of the technical collection developed for the racing world, in an application of the specific know-how of sailing clothing to sportswear. The fabric is stretch and light, to give comfort in movements and extreme freshness even in summer. The particular realization of the seamless sleeves, the fluo hood and the sartorial construction of the back and the sleeves without seams drew hands from technical racing clothing.

At a technical and performance level, the Siffert Jacket is entirely thermonastral, and with 8000mm of water column it has an excellent impermeability. The model is also extremely breathable. The price is around 135 euros.












































































































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