The augmented reality of Zara which helps in shopping

Zara introduces the experience of augmented reality in 5 stores in Italy: a valid help also for men engaged in gifts to her

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You have two weeks of time starting from yesterday 12 April to experience the augmented reality that Zara has introduced in 5 stores in Italy. Just download the Zara AR app on your smartphone, point the lens on the window or on the special podium installed in the store and the two models – Léa Julian and Fran Summers – will come to life on your phone’s display with 7-12 seconds sequences . Obviously the two girls will wear a women’s collection and specifically the Zara Studio collection. This news could be indicated only for a female audience, however, in our “daily reality” of men, it can help us too. A dress, in fact, is always a good idea as a birthday present, but one thing is to see the garment worn albeit holographically, another is to see it hanging on the hanger.

Here, the augmented reality of Zara AR is therefore an excellent solution to those doubts that bother us at the time of purchase because it gives us the opportunity to see and understand how the suit falls or what accessories to match.

In short, the idea of superimposing the technology of augmented reality to collections in the store is really a plus, especially for those who, like us, look for a new way to use their smartphone every day. The Zara AR application to take advantage of augmented reality can be downloaded for free via the dedicated Wi-Fi network in Zara stores. You can access the experience using the app in four ways: through store windows, in-store podium, using e-commerce boxes and through dedicated images on Just frame the word Shop the Look with the aim and everything will come to life. This technology is available at the Milan store (Via Torino 2), Florence (Piazza della Repubblica 1), Rome (Via del Corso 189) and at the Porta di Roma Shopping Center, Marcianise (at the Campania Shopping Center).











































































































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