Adidas closes stores in the city and pushes on e-commerce

At the Financial Times, Kasper Rorsted CEO of Adidas explains the flight to the digital brand of German sportswear: less physical stores, more online storefronts

Adidas has decided to shift its investments from the opening of new stores to digital because it is convinced to double the e-commerce sales over the next two years. The German sports goods manufacturer controls 2,500 stores worldwide and 13,000 franchised stores. Once (we talk about months, not decades) the brands waged to have the best windows, those in the central shopping streets where the struscio was at home. A direction of retail, this, which over the years has raised the prices of rents and the cost per square meter of commercial properties in historic centers and commercial arteries causing many problems – if not the closure – of small neighborhood shops.

Today, however, as in the case of adidas, the website becomes the most important showcase in which to allocate as many resources as possible, as stated by Kasper Rorsted, CEO of Adidas.

Yes, because that showcase is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Christmas, Easter and mid-August inclusive. A showcase, moreover, which is not limited to being observed by the natives – as the Milanese like to call themselves, but open to the attentive glances of the whole earthquake. Adidas, but I could do many other examples, rhymes with sportswear and street style that include the articles of desire of millennials, the new brand focus target, which I prefer a click on the beautiful smile of a saleswoman or a salesman. It remains to be seen who will enter the spaces left empty by this principle (at least for now) to escape the digital player of the big players.






































































































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