#GucciHallucination: the capsule with Monreal images

With #GucciHallucination, T-shirts and sweatshirts become the physical supports of illustrations created by the young Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal

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GucciHallucination is not only the advertising campaign that, since the end of February 2018 – through the appropriate App – has enlivened the works of the Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal with which the windows of Gucci stores have been set up. GucciHAllucination is yet another pleasant provocation of the artistic director of the Florentine fashion house, Alessandro Michele, who plays and has fun with one of the diktats of contemporary art: unhinging the traditional forms of the work of art and the reference system that allows it to be validated as such. Yes, because GucciHallucination has become a line of nine sweatshirts and nine T-shirts that stand as support in the author’s prints to the dreamlike digital images that Monreal created for the Spring-Summer 2018 campaign.

And from the modus operandi of the author’s graphics, the range of GucciHallucination garments uses the limited edition tool. In fact, only 200 pieces will be made for each T-shirt variant and 100 for each sweatshirt. Moreover, in fashion as in art, rarity increases the value. Lastly, a non-negligible element, each item will have a numbered label (1/200 etc.) and will be sent to buyers in special packs decorated with Monreal images: just like serial numbering. Only the original signature of the author is missing. Can the GucciHallucination T-shirt and sweatshirt be considered as an art or not? Whether you are a collector or a fashion-addict do not think about it too much, the sold-out is on the horizon!



































































































Article taken from https://www.gqitalia.it/moda/trend/new/2018/04/11/gucci-presenta-guccihallucination-una-linea-in-edizione-limitata-con-le-immagini-di-ignasi-monreal/

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