Spring 2018 men’s sweatshirts: the coolest models to wear

Discover all the new men’s sweatshirts for spring 2018: which models to wear, with or without hood, signed and branded proposals made by sports brands like Adidas and Nike but also more glam like Armani and Gucci.

Among the must-have items of the moment are the men’s spring 2018 sweatshirts, but what are the coolest models to wear? With hood or without? Branded with a logo in plain sight or something simpler? Much depends on your tastes but much more is related to current trends. Certainly we can distinguish sweatshirts in sports, such as those signed by Adidas and Nike, but also in casual chic, like the proposals of Gucci and Armani.

Men’s hooded sweatshirts spring 2018

Felpe uomo Primavera 2018 valentino

Valentino hooded gray sweatshirt

The sweatshirts are among the must-haves trendy men’s fashion spring/summer 2018, they are comfortable and practical and for all these reasons you should really not miss them. Among those without hoods there are various interesting and fashion proposals, such as Valentino’s models characterized by ethnic embroidery, or the Gucci men’s sweatshirts with plush prints and logo in plain sight. The bear is the symbol of the various creations by Moschino, while the Dolce & Gabbana models are embellished with motifs reminiscent of the French playing cards.

Felpe uomo Primavera 2018 gucci

Gucci men’s sweatshirt 2018

Very nice also the men’s sweatshirts Adidas and Nike, certainly the most sporting of the genre, as well as those signed Champion and Zadig & Voltaire. Even New Era, historical brand of hats, has signed sweatshirts dedicated to the NBA. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, for you there are Armani’s matelassé sweatshirts.

Men’s hooded sweatshirts spring 2018

Felpe uomo Primavera 2018 diesel

Black hooded sweatshirt by Diesel men

Among the designer sweatshirts there are many who have hoods and are characterized by a more casual style. Among these are the men’s sweatshirts by Diesel with rock-style prints, by H&M in plain color, but also by Zara with short sleeves.

Felpe uomo Primavera 2018 zara

Men’s sweatshirt from Zara spring 2018

Many of the best models can be purchased comfortably online, perhaps by visiting the pages dedicated to the men’s sweatshirts Amazon, Zalando and Ebay.


































































































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