Mr Porter launches his third collection inspired by the nautical style

Simple, cared for and created to last over time: these are the 32 items of the late-spring collection of Mr P, the private label of Mr Porter

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Mr P, the label created by Mr Porter, launches his 3rd collection inspired by two great watermelons: Jacques Cousteau and John F Kennedy. Both have in common a great passion for the sea. The late spring collection of Mr P has therefore a clear nautical imprint: ideal for spending a fleeting weekend in the waves, but is also at ease on everyday occasions. Like those of work. Mr P offers easy garments and refined details for a male wardrobe that does not need to be distorted, but has only the pleasure of being updated.

Among the 32 items from the Mr P collection, prêt-à-porter are also Bermuda along with tailored garments, sportswear, t-shirts and garment-dyed shirts. The colors have the soft tones of a head faded from the sun and from the reflection of the sea. There are many pieces to report (we have all put in the gallery): among those proof of millennials, there is the blazer with matching shorts built in seersucker (the cotton fabric in alternating crisp and smooth stripes), the piquet polo shirt, the deep ribbed crew-neck t-shirt, the collar-camp shirt in striped cotton, the worker-colored terracotta jacked and the unlined dark blue blouson.

A collection created ad hoc for the unpredictable spring, but which matches the basic 24 of the ongoing online line. Prices range from a minimum of €65 to a maximum of €455. Attention, like all the 5 annual collections of Mr P, also this third is limited edition. The 4th and 5th will arrive in September and November with the introduction of shoes and accessories.






























































































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