Interview with Simone Rugiati, chef ambassador of Liu Jo Uomo

Easy-to-wear garments that match the rest of the male wardrobe, but capable of winking at the provocations: word of Simone Rugiati, ambassador of Liu Jo Uomo

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Milan, the city that does not leave the rest and holds all the best, is once again the background of the stories of Liu Jo Uomo. In line with the season just passed, the Made in Italy men’s clothing brand pays tribute to the city of Milan through the stories tagged #MYMILAN of 3 ambassadors who have reached their turning point in the city: Enrico Nigiotti, Gustavo Martini and Simone Rugiati, three talents that in music, design and cuisine, have managed to leave a mark, just as Milan has done in their lives. Today we tell the life on the stove by Simone Rugiati who opened his Food Loft in the district of China Town: not a restaurant, but a refreshment open to friends and customers to do what Italians do best: laugh and cook. Here’s what he told us. See also the video #MYMILAN by Simone Rugiati.

Where does the passion for cooking come from?
SR: Mine worked a lot and in the afternoon nanny Gigliola, the neighbor.

I was a pest and she understood that the only way to make me feel comfortable was putting me on the stove. He told me that as a child I told her to let me cook shrimp because they tasted more delicate than frozen shrimp. But for this palate, I have to thank my maternal grandmother who took me with her in the shops to buy only the best products.

The first time you cooked something for others?
SR: The very first experiment ended up in the mouths of my classmates: they were crackers with cheese and pickles. I liked their absolute trust, so strong as to throw something from my hands into my body. Even today, after so many years, I think that having the full trust of others is the essence of my kitchen.

Do you think there is more attention now on what you eat?
SR: People should have a greater awareness that we are what we eat: therefore the choice of the raw material is fundamental. How to fill the pantry is more important than making a cool dish. Grandma brought me in many shops to buy every single product. Mom took me to the supermarket to do it quickly. We should reflect better on where and on the time we spend looking for good products.

How do you deal with life?
SR: I am a person who gets bored very easily. I made the choice not to give myself a steady job every day, as could be that of the restaurateur. I tackle the kitchen every day with a new perspective. You work harder, but every day is different and I enjoy it.

What changes in your way to popularize the kitchen?
SR: First I explained how a carbonara was good. Now I explain that you must use a paste of ancient grains not bombarded with a cream of organic pumpkin instead of the egg. I try to lighten the dishes, proposing a greater plant component keeping creativity and above all the taste high.

Do not you risk complicating things?
SR: Quite the opposite: I chose to be a divulger to tell the simplicity of cooking. I prefer a slightly scalded escapece of zucchini with garlic and mint oil compared to a complicated dish. As soon as you understand this, you will also change the way you shop. But if you have a restaurant where you spend €200, how can you say eating a plate of zucchini?

From kitchens to cameras: does the look of the chef change too?
SR: Now the cooks take orders in the dining room, have the kitchens in sight, the design restaurant; there is a whole part of show-off that requires accurate clothing. From the uniforms you can understand that the menu has a restaurant cut. The clothing says a lot about your cooking.

Does this also apply to you?
SR: My location is like a games room for me. And my wardrobe reflects this my way of being very much. I have many particular, strange, extrovert bosses.

Your nature as reflected in style?
SR: Inventing myself every day I can not bind myself to a single style. I like to change often: sometimes they are more casual, in other circumstances they are more classic, some others more street. But it does not depend on the external context, my style is determined above all by how I feel at that moment.

What unites Simone Rugiati and Liu Jo Uomo?
SR: I like playing with clothes, with combinations, sometimes even risky. Liu Jo Uomo recognizes in me a professional who has gained visibility for the ability to divulge food. The #MYMILAN project, of which I represent one of the 3 protagonists, gave me the opportunity to meet Liu Jo Uomo and to show the brand’s philosophy according to my taste.

How do you like to dress?
SR: I’ve never dressed up normally because I do not like to conform to the mass. I do not go against the general principle, it’s just that I do not like to adapt myself to others. I wear a garment only if I really like it, not because it’s in fashion. A different way to dress every day. Space from elegant suits to the suit.

Is there at least one style detail you’re looking for in your looks?
SR: Usually, even in classic outfits, I really love the low horse. The trousers must be rather comfortable.

There is more?
SR: I come from Santa Croce sull’Arno in the province of Pisa. This is the leather district. We produce 85% of leather worldwide and 95% of the Italian one. The shoes of Berlusconi and Obama, for example, come from here. I loved them too until I was 25. Now I can not see them on my feet: I wear only sneakers, but I have as an excuse that my parents are two teachers of physical education and only have sneakers.

Some craze?
SR: Ah yes, always I match the hat to the shoe.

Do you spend a lot of time studying your look?
SR: Zero, I should do it. I put the first pants and the first shirt that happens to me under fire.

But do you really like clothes?
SR: I love clothes. When I was a kid I used to go to San Marino in some companies that produced for important brands. But I have very little time now. I really need a professional who chooses the right clothes for me. But I understand it’s not an easy job.

What do you like about the Liu Jo Uomo collection?
SR: I love the three looks that I will put today (those in the gallery). In the meantime, they are very versatile pieces for any occasion. An elegant sportsman. Easy to put, the kind that I like. Then I like the leaders who wink at the provocations like the pinstripe bomberino I saw in the collection. I also like this to play down in some garments. Liu Jo’s Man line also gives me a sense of cleanliness: I think it’s the use of solid colors that allows you to mix these garments with others already present in the wardrobe.



























































































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