Because we will all wear Moncler this spring

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The heritage of Moncler is closely linked to the world of ski slopes, but for some seasons now the historic brand of Grenoble has crossed the boundaries. And Moncler garments are almost easier to see them worn in big cities. Already because the streets represent a perfect picture of contemporary culture, and street style is the creative way that each of us has to personalize, with our own style, a public space. And what city if not New York to better tell the multitude of expression? The Big Apple is the place where creatives of all kinds and different walks of life meet and express their personality every day.

For the Moncler Spring 2018, some protagonists of the New York scene wore the coolest clothes in the collection on the streets of the city. Among these: the photographer Daniel Arnold and the skateboarder Tenzin Miyahira, who thanks to their passions have developed an extreme familiarity with the street culture; the sculptor Eric N. Mack, who used the city as a platform to expose his artistic philosophy; The model Hugo Villanova, who despite living in Paris, travels around the world to take part in photo shoots and fashion shows, but feels particularly at home in New York; and the gold medal swimmer Conor Dwyer, who lives the city as a leisurely pursuit from his routine and a challenging platform for his style experiments. Fashion, for these young people, is a way to communicate their individuality – while mixing in the crowd they manage to maintain their uniqueness.

Olympic swimmer Conor Dwyer of the US wearing a Moncler anorak, which captures the attention and makes it even more fascinating portrait with the model Kirsty Hume.

Dwyer won the gold in 2012 in London, along with his team for free style relay. He lives in Los Angeles, where he trains at least six hours a day.


Eric N. Mack grew up in the suburbs of Washington D.C. and he moved to New York to study art. His background as a sculptor led him today to work on set design for fashion shows. “I love being stimulated and gratified by the things I wear,” he says.

The French model and skateboarder Hugo Villanova and Los Angeles creative consultant Eliana Rodriguez.


Hugo has been working as a model for three years and seven years ago. “I was in a skate park for the first time in my neighborhood with a friend,” he says. “It took me about four years to gain confidence, training me every day after school.”

Tenzin Che Miyahira is a student and skater. Here we see him together with the artist/model Coco Gordon Moore.

Street photographer Daniel Arnold spends more time behind the camera than in front of the lens. “I do not like being photographed,” he says. “But I want to always look the best in photos, like everyone.” Here with actress and television journalist Hailey Benton Gates.

Model work has led Hugo to several countries and cities including Moscow and Beijing. “I was very fortunate to be able to travel so much at my age,” he says.

“I love New York,” says Hugo. “I feel much more comfortable here than in Paris – people are more sincere and open.”

“All my friends dress exactly like me, it’s a way to show what we’re most passionate about,” says Tenzin.

For Daniel, photography is a way to emphasize things. “I try to transfer positive energy, communicate an emotional experience, demonstrate what it means to be alive.”

“Clothes are the most natural way to express a concept without having to explain it verbally,” says Daniel.

“I love overlapping different garments, strong contrasts, timeless fabrics and garments,” says Eric. “Color is a timeless element.”

“When you travel and visit a new city, skating is the easiest way to meet people – it’s a world community,” says Hugo.

The New York concrete jungle is a very hectic and stimulating environment … but as soon as I dive into the water, everything becomes silent. I am highly focused on myself”.

Sometimes it happens that I slogo an ankle and I have to stay still for a few weeks. But this does not stop me, says Tenzin.

“I tried surfing a few times, but I’m not very good at it. In the future I would like to try again, “says Hugo. “I like doing different things every day – experimenting.”

“I love fashion,” says Dwyer. “Not to be presumptuous or arrogant – but if you ask the other swimmers of my team they would answer that I’ve always had a lot of style in choosing my look.”





























































































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