Nyden, the H&M brand for millennials that is already sold out

Nyden, the brand that wants to create a follower and collaborative community of millennial launches online the first set of 4 T-shirts

Nyden is only online since April 3 (2018) and has already sold-out one of his 4 T-shirts in the men’s collection: specifically, the No. 4 with the big logo written on it. Nyden is the freshest luxury brand of the Swedish giant H&M. Luxury yes, but at always low prices. The four t-shirts of the first launch cost 60 euros. Nyden, by the same admission as the Swedish house, is not a traditional brand. It is an online platform that aims to create a synergy with tastemakers, that is, with those who dictate the law in terms of new trends, with those who create fashions, with referees of taste. In this historical period are the influencers who mill millions of followers on Instagram, tomorrow we will see.

Nyden also breaks the patterns of distribution and seasonality: there are no collections, there are no seasons, but only a continuous flow of garments marked by significant events but above all at maturity. The moment I write to you, there are 31 hours, 48 minutes and a few seconds to close the first 4 proposals.

Soon, the calendar of the 3 already programmed. The platform is only in English, but delivery is also guaranteed in Italy within 5 working days. The name Nyden comes from the union of the Swedish words “ny” and “den“, which mean respectively “new” and “the“.






















































































Article taken fromย https://www.gqitalia.it/moda/trend/new/2018/04/05/nyden-il-brand-di-hm-per-i-millennials-che-e-gia-sold-out/

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