Convivio 2018, everything you need to know

From June 6th to 9th, the 14th edition of Convivio, the most important exhibition of the Italian charitable market, returns to Milan

The fourteenth edition of Convivio, the most important charity exhibition-market promoted in Italy by the fashion world to support the non-profit association ANLAIDS (National Association for the fight against AIDS), returns to Milan on June 6th. which has been active in the territory for over 30 years and supports research and prevention, social-health assistance, keeping alive the alert on the problem of the spread of a virus that still today has about 4000 new infections per year and affects all social and every age. Four days of solidarity shopping with the aim of raising funds to never stop addressing a sensitive issue such as AIDS.

Many news for the fourteenth edition of Convivio that, like every two years, receives the support of the most prestigious brands: alongside the big names of internationally renowned designers, this year too will be many design companies, accessories, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics, footwear, travel and tourism, high-quality food and wine, publishing and video that adhere to the initiative by donating their products that, during the event, will be sold at 50% of the price.

The event moves to the spaces of The Mall Big Spaces, to be closer to the heart of the city and the lively Porta Nuova district during the entire period of the event. The installation project, signed by Massimiliano Locatelli/CLS, involves the construction of a structure – “Convivio & more” – designed to bring together the shopping areas with areas dedicated to welcoming not only the unfailing Charity Gala Dinner, planned for June 5, but also a program of events in the following days.

The Convivio 2018 campaign, curated this year by the agency EGO of White, Red & Green, with the creative direction of Paola Manfrin (copy Riccardo Ciunci, artdirector Margherita Baudà) and Vogue Italia, was born as a project with a strong digital vocation with a concept linked to youth and prevention. “In 2016, the objective of Convivio’s communication was to bring attention to the problem of AIDS, because everyone seemed to have forgotten about it and the data showed it”, says Paola Manfrin. “Today, after 2 years, Convivio continues to talk about AIDS in a different language, focusing on how each purchase becomes a real tool for prevention. The 2018 claim will be “CONVIVIO: L’ANTIVIRUS – Shopping that prevents AIDS”. This year, therefore, Convivio’s shopping will be the ANTIVIRUS that will insinuate itself through different communication channels – web, print, gadgets – taking care of everyone with solidarity and generosity “. The campaign, illustrated by photos by Steven Meisel, will be conveyed on all social media by @Grumblecreative with video content produced by Federico Morgantini, producer of @CATTURAproduction, with the creative direction of Alessia Glaviano, Senior Photo Editor of Vogue Italia and the Grumble Creative’s team, a digital strategies agency that includes among its founders Eleonora Carisi, Paolo Stella and Ivano Marino. The content that sees involved youtuber and influencer will be managed then for the diffusion on the social. Think Cattleya, the advertising production company of the Cattleya group, will be able to provide interactive Facebook filters for campaign animations.

In this 14th edition the Convivio website is transformed into an interactive platform where you can also go shopping through online sales, opening the sale to the whole world. In the e-commerce platform you can buy “special items”, a selection of unique products (fashion/food/vintage/design/fun) not present in the market, which will only be available on the site.



















































































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