Carlo Pignatelli, the exhibition that tells 50 years of ceremonies

From the head chosen by the mother to an instrument of male expression: the dress for the wedding is told in the 50 years of the Carlo Pignatelli fashion house

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If you need to understand well how to dress a man (groom or witness) for a wedding, then you can not miss the exhibition “History of a dream” dedicated to the Carlo Pignatelli fashion house.

Scheduled in Milan from 6 to 9 April 2018 during the bridal week of Sì SposaItalia, the exhibition is hosted within FieramilanoCity and will also be open to the public on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 April.

It all started in 1968 in a small tailor shop in Turin where the then young tailor Carlo Pignatelli made (even) formal dresses dreaming of becoming a master couturier. But it was only in 1984 with Idea Sposa that the fashion house Carlo Pignatelli stood out, breaking the paradigm of the classic groom and bridal collections. A breath of fresh air that has made it after 50 years of activity as a leading brand in ceremonial clothing.

History of a dream offers a privileged point of view with a sequence of images, static and moving, which best illustrate the history of a sartorial idea.

The course is built with different materials, all from the archives of the Maison Carlo Pignatelli, with a prevalence of images, many of which taken by exceptional photographers such as Michel Comte, Bob Krieger, Aldo Fallai, Roxanne Lowit and Mauro Balletti and who see top model internationally renowned protagonists.

The shots are treated differently, sometimes presented as real works, in other cases elaborated to form an eye-catching and surprising visual panorama to recreate that imaginary that has built the Carlo Pignatelli brand in the world in its first fifty years.

It ranges from those literally private, which highlight the highly individual aspect of this story, at least at its beginnings, up to other photographs related to the preparation and staging of major events such as fashion shows, official campaigns or catalogs.

The photographic materials are flanked by some “spatial episodes“, such as the exhibition of representative clothing. Walking through the shots, clothes and movies arranged over the 500 square meters of the exhibition, we understand how over the years the formal dress for man has undergone an evolution: from the head chosen by the mother of the groom, a tool for male expression .

In a recent interview, the tailor Pignatelli said that man is becoming more demanding than his future wife, more informed and is willing to spend more. It is no coincidence that the fashion house has in its catalog 3 collections for men.
















































































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