The Challenge of Canali: the dress that never creases

Naturally elastic, breathable, creasable, resistant to water and stains: the impeccable dress 2.0 becomes the “indefatigable” ally of the perfect look

What could be the perfect look for a breathless ride in a forest, or alternatively a parkour session between bales of hay and steep rocks? A suit and a pair of sneakers might be the correct answer, but it would be too easy for Canali 1934. The Lombardy fashion house specialized in luxury tailored garments, has chosen these two outdoor activities to narrate the characteristics of his men’s complete suits made with ‘Impeccable 2.0: a highly innovative fabric tested to withstand the strongest stresses and at the same time guarantee maximum elegance. And to this innovation, Canali dedicates the short film La Sfida: the story of the competition between the two parkour Chase Armitage and Patrick Nodanche that cross mountains, woods, rivers and city streets in a race against time to arrive punctual and elegant in the office. A hyperbole – not too exaggerated – of our everyday life.

A fashion movie that “shows without saying” the winning performance of the Impeccable 2.0 fabric: naturally elastic, transpiring, creasable, resistant to water and stains.

Launched for the first time in 2016 as a result of the constant research in terms of quality, aesthetics and innovation of Canali 1934, Impeccabile 2.0 is the spearhead of the spring summer 2018 season. In addition to the complete men’s suits and shirts, this fabric is also used for sportswear clothing. Soft and snappy, the formal dresses and the impeccable outerwear 2.0 are made with very fine wool yarns whose fibers have a diameter of only 17.5 microns. Twisted more than double the standard, these threads create a completely natural elasticity. Furthermore, the fineness of the yarn generates micro spaces in the weave that make the fabric lighter and more breathable, while the special finish makes the fiber resistant to water, stains and is completely creasable. This fabric, in fact, does not wrinkle because it uses the heat of the body to roll out any folds. Here then explained how to maintain a perfect look from morning to evening without worry.



























































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