Passo, the clock for true mountain lovers

The Swiss experience and the Italian design of the new high-end watchmaking project Step show off on Kickstarter. The most passionate buyers will be able to watch the assembly of their watch at the Swiss headquarters

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The word “step” can have different meanings: it indicates the unit of measurement of a mechanism, but it can also describe a pass between two sides of a mountain. From today March 21, with the official launch on Kickstarter, Passo acquires the initial capital letter and becomes a brand of watchmaking excellence. The mechanism and the crossing point, just mentioned, have a deep meaning within the philosophy of this newborn brand. The design of the first model was entrusted to the experience and to the sign of Odoardo Fioravanti, Compasso d’Oro and creator of award-winning design objects. The Italian creative has imagined a journey among the peaks that border Italy and Switzerland, taking inspiration from the sweet and decisive shapes of the Alpine glaciers. Thus the Glacier model was born, inspired by the sinuous curves of the Alpine valleys and the solemn elegance of the glaciers. Glacier is a Swiss Made automatic watch declined in 4 models: Verra, Gorner, Vedretta and Seracco. Each of these names is inspired by the glaciers between Italy and Switzerland and the dial has a particularly recessed design, which recalls a valley floor. The mechanism is an automatic movement Sellita SW 200. The case and the deployant bracelet have two different finishes: brushed steel or black iron. In addition, the black leather strap and folding clasp can be combined. Although the whole organizational structure is very young, the skills on which Passo is based have well-established roots in the watchmaking world. The two founders Guglielmo Pagani and Marco Zanardi are not new to the trade: the first – Swiss – was responsible for a historic Swiss company and will be responsible for bringing back the strict canons of watchmaking in the development of the brand, while the Italian partner, Marco Zanardi , will intervene in the care of the strategic part and in the communication of the project. A division of tasks that manifests itself positively in the care of the details of Glacier.

Intended to make this their first creation a collector’s item, Passo Glacier was entirely designed, designed and produced according to the dictates of the Swiss tradition and hand-assembled by master watchmakers. No standard or catalog elements were used: from the steel case with the spoon shape that hides the engagement of the bracelet and whose mold has been designed and designed ad hoc, up to the indexes (the hands) with the micro-drilling of the hours , to the bracelet of which the meshes have been drawn and to the total closure mechanism. The decision to present Glacier on the most important crowdfonding portal was the natural consequence of Passo’s production process: to create a totally “designed” clock and then to produce all the components tailored instead of choosing them from the catalog binding to a minimum quantity of production and therefore requires an initial investment. An innovative project like Passo required an equally innovative form of financing. For this reason Kickstarter was chosen, the platform that hosts ideas and offers the possibility to present and explain your project. Users can choose to participate in the financing of the idea by purchasing one of the packages offered, from the single watch to the set of 4 models, to the possibility of being present at the assembly of their watch, and hosted at the Swiss headquarters.


























































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