Tomas Maier x Uniqlo, the photos of the collection

The love for details, precision as an instrument of beauty, pure lines without visual noise: the collection designed by Tomas Maier is soon on the Uniqlo ecommerce

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Tomas Maier x UNIQLO: he is German, she is Japanese. He is the stylist who has given life back to Bottega Veneta. She is the chain that has brought quality casual clothing to Europe at low prices. A marriage that sooner or later should have been combined considering the characteristics that both have in common: the love for details, precision as an instrument of beauty, pure lines without visual noise. A collection or rather a collaboration that has given life to clothes with a modest style designed for moments of freedom, whatever they are, bound to the rigid principle that unites all Uniqlo collections: the lifewear, that is, simple and good-quality clothes that try to stay very far from disposable current brought to the fore by the fast-fashion retail world. All that is fast is opposed to Japanese culture.


The men’s proposal by Tomas Maier x Uniqlo includes 16 garments plus one: two t-shirts, two short-sleeved shirts, a sweatshirt, 3 jackets, a pair of short chinos, soft poplin trousers, four beachwear and a pair of flip-flops.

The perfect wardrobe for a sabbatical period on the coast. The nuances, in contrast with the vivid and strong colors of the summer, range from white, through the different shades of gray, to face blue, green and finally to vegetable prints. Although the forthcoming opening of the first Uniqlo store in Piazza Cordusio in Milan has been announced, to wear one of the capsules of this capsule collection, it will not be necessary to wait until 2019. Tomas Maier x Uniqlo will only be available on Japanese retail e-commerce from 17 May 2018. You know, the Japanese do things for good and above all without concern!






















































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